Reverse Diet Update

A little over 6 weeks ago I competed in my second fitness competition and I promised to update you all on my reverse diet journey. If you haven’t ready my post Healing Your Slow Metabolism head on over and take a look. In my post “Healing your slow metabolism” I discuss reverse dieting and how it can help you speed up your metabolism and minimize the likelihood of gaining fat while adding calories. Today I want to discuss not only my results but what I experienced while on this reverse.


Here are my body composition results: Six weeks post-comp I am only up 5 pounds from my stage weight and up 2% body fat. Although this is not a huge difference I still plan to alter my reverse diet next time.

One of the biggest obstacles I experienced during my reverse was still feeling crazy hungry and frustrated with only adding 50 calories a week. I started my reverse at 1400 calories and found that during the first week on 1450 led to a lot of ‘F*$% it’ moments where I decided not to count macros and just have a meal I desired. I had many ‘slip ups’  during the first 4 weeks because I was just so damn hungry! Quite honestly, even though I didn’t stick to my plan 100% I was OK with the fact that it didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted. This is life people, we have slip ups, we get it wrong.. A LOT but, these things don’t have to define us. I had some days where I thought “I’ll just have one beer” then one lead to two, followed by french fries and ice cream. Oh well! In that moment I did not make the best meal choices but how I proceeded made all the difference. The most important thing I can ever do for my health is not to beat myself up over a few extra calories or more importantly a few extra pounds!  Each day was a new opportunity to get back on track and find balance once again. So I got my booty in the gym and made sure to prep healthy food… oh and I stayed away from the beer! ha ha. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves.

In the end it took me 4 weeks to realize “hmm.. maybe I reversed too slow?” YES!!! Next time I give this reverse diet a go I’ll be experimenting with adding 100 calories per week and work with it from there. I plan to do another cut cycle followed by a reverse soon but not for a fitness competition this time. I feel like taking out the adrenaline and anticipation of a competition will help me to really focus on my goals and how my body responds.

Wherever you are in your own fitness journey today I hope you remember not to be so hard on yourself. Maybe you are frustrated with how slow your progress is. Keep your head up, consistency will lead to success and not matter how slow you may feel your progress is, in the end it is still PROGRESS! Maybe you are frustrated with the fact that you didn’t stick to your intake goals. Brush it off, today is a new day, DO NOT deprive yourself, eat well, and kill your workout! You will begin to feel better and get right back on track. Whatever it may be that makes you feel frustrated, forget about it. You cannot change yesterday, but you can choose what you do with today.

Get out there and rock it!

Lots of love,

Andrea B Fit


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