International Women’s Day


It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

-Maya Angelou

International Women’s Day. The day where women and their rights are celebrated. Today as I see all the posts of women showing their feminine pride it is truly a day of empowerment, support, and coming together and celebrating our beautiful role and feminine energy here on mother earth.

Women empowering women is not something you often see or experience. On any given day, in any given room there is a presence of competition between feminine energies. It can start as a judgemental stare at the woman who chose to celebrate her femininity by wearing clothes that make her feel beautiful. The jealousy provoked when a simple gesture of kindness is exchanged between members of the opposite sex. Frustration that is ignited when you see another woman succeeding at, or even just expressing, what sets fire to her soul when you find yourself in a creative slump. Our reaction: Immediate pursuit of destruction, through our words, through our looks, through our actions. Collectively gathering those that qualify as “same” to shun that which is “other“. In a world where women have been objectified since the beginning of time we find it difficult to find places of refuge, even in the arms of collective womanhood.

I’m a woman phenomenally.

Each and every one of us radiates an effeminate beauty that when cultivated can transform the world. We may have felt crippling defeat but we posses strength to move mountains. We are mothers who provide the warmth and support to mold our homes into places of kindness, encouragement and safety. One step at a time that love travels from our door to the world. We are athletes with the drive and determination that shows the world the warrior that burns within. We are creators of ideas and art that fills the world with innovation and beauty. Some of us are even victims that have been left with our world shattered at our feet, wondering how we will ever create beauty out of the mess. We lean on one another. We bring light where there is darkness. Gentleness where there is rigidity. Movement where there is stagnation.

I’m a woman phenomenally.

Today, on the day of International Women’s Day choose encouragement over competition. Imagine a world where women can build one another up and accept each other as they are. A world where you can enter a room full of women and feel at home not on guard. A world where your sisters lift you up just as much as you lift them. Where woman can love one another and offer each other a place of solace and safety when the world becomes harsh and unsafe. There is hope on the other side of the murky veil which separates us from sharing in the unlimited strength of womanhood. Set a fire within your soul and light a sister’s along the way.

Phenomenal woman, that’s me.



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